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April 28, 2020

Exploring nature in lockdown: new kit and expert tips

Here’s something a little different for your lockdown – tips with a nature twist from our conservationists on how we’ve been exploring nature recently.

For those who have been in touch about building their own wildlife camera or after education resources, we’ve got new stock in at our online shop and new Wildlife Cam Kits in the next couple of weeks – but here’s some other free stuff for starters…..

We put these together to compliment the lists and tips filling up our inboxes. We always recommend active participation and exploration activities – it’s more fun that way.

1. Take new opportunities to explore outside – right now, a lot of people have a new opportunity to get outside during weekdays with our families when the sun is high in the sky – take it! Urban species are becoming more apparent, pollution is down and gardens and parks are teeming with life – get outside and enjoy it.

whilst you’re there…..

2. Become an Animal ID expert with free mobile apps – impress your friends with your new wildlife expertise with amazing apps like iNaturalist and BirdUp. They use image and sound recognition to help you ID species from pics or audio recording from your phone. You can even add images from your wildlife cam kit to ID species.

when you’re back indoors….

3. Live Safari from your sofa everyday – join WildEarth on live safari and get transported to the South African bush. See amazing wildlife up close and watch out for the newborn Leopard cubs this week. The experts you join along for the ride have incredible knowledge, good camera work and you can tweet your questions to be answered live from the wilderness. It’s a good watch for all ages and the safaris run twice a day (arranging sofas into a lounge safari jeep, optional).

Coming soon – we’ve been asked if we can make some of our activities available from the Climate Action Lab that we launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos so watch out for these, available soon.

Let us know if you enjoy these or want to know more, we hope you do.

Our best wishes to you all, take care everyone!

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