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Here you’ll find our complete collection of resources for the Naturebytes Wildlife Cam Kit.

Assembly Guides

Wildlife Cam Kit & Cam Cases

Components to complete your Wildlife Cam Case

Live View Guide


Educational Materials

Operating system software

Maker resources

Developer Kit (Kickstarter Maker Kit)

Birdfeeder Arm Assembly Instructions (Wooden Kit)

3D printing STL files (Print your own case)


56 Responses

  1. Stuart C says:

    Hello Naturebytes,

    I’m after different inserts, how much do they cost? Does your out of stock include the inserts? As well as the Raspberry Pi I received with my kit I also have an original model B (not the 256MB), a 3 and on it’s way to me, a Zero. For this reason and because I’m intrigued by 3D printing (!) I’ve downloaded your STL files, however, are you aware there aren’t any insert STLs? If you are out of stock as regards the inserts would I be able to get someone online to print for me any inserts I require from some STL files?

    Out of interest, how much would a 3D printer suitable to print the whole case cost? I’m assuming it’s very expensive?!


    • Naturebytes says:

      Hi Stuart C,

      That’s a very good point. We’ll upload the insert STL files so you can print your own. We plan to sell them indepentently (the Zero insert for example) in the near future for anyone without a laser cutter or 3D printer. An Ultimaker 3D printer would cost anything between £1,000 – £2,000.

  2. Stuart C says:

    Hello again,

    I know it isn’t hard but I’ve changed the writing of the pictures back to the memory card rather than the flash drive and as someone else has said previously it really does speed the process up. This also means I can attach a WiFi dongle to the USB and together with samba share because my PC uses the same WiFi, I can now view, on my PC, the pictures after each is taken without having to disturb my camera.


  3. Pablo says:

    First of all, thanks so much to let these incredible designs.
    I miss one more piece: Camera Surround. It is not.

    And one question if you don’t mind: What do you put between front and PIR/Camera Surround to protect them?

    Thanks so much again
    Best Regards

    • Naturebytes says:

      Hi Pablo,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Are you trying to 3D print the case? The material we use is a POLY IR – a special IR filter sheet that protects the camera but allows infrared light to pass through.

      • Pablo says:

        Yes. I am very interested in the project. I have designed some python routines to get photographs and videos and the case is pretty good. The only thing I have to design is one piece to fit the this special sheet to the case (something similar to PIR Surround STL), because I have not found it in the zip file you provide.
        Thanks for your answer.
        Best Regards

  4. Jaison says:

    Hi all,
    I was wondering if there are any forums or repositories (e.g. GitHub) – perhaps not directly affiliated with NatureBytes where people are discussing their experiences with the code and the overall design?

    • Naturebytes says:

      Hi Jaison,

      Take a look at the Naturebytes GitHub that is now active. There are updated commits adding functionality and we’d love for you to join us and enhance the code to benefit the community.

      Kind regards,


  5. Frank says:

    Hello Naturebytes,
    When can I buy the case separately and when is the Zero insert available?

    Best Regards

  6. Stuart C says:


    I’ve brought my second camera but I’ve made some simple wooden ones to experiment with, I don’t want to damage my purchased cases experimenting so I’m also interested in the POLY IR sheet. Could I ask where you get yours from?


    P.S. I’d also be interested to know where you get your batteries from as I’m looking to use solar power for one of my wooden ones. (I’ve previously set up one of my two purchased ones for solar power, the photo was retweeted a while back).

  7. Hi,
    i wish to use a PIZERO in the Naturebytes enclosure can you send me and software update and stl file for the insert

    Michael Campion

  8. Colin says:

    I have constructed the kit but all my pictures are grossly overexposed. Apart from adding an ND filter, is there a software cure for this.

    Why is the bush at the base not threaded for a standard tripod mount?

    • Naturebytes says:

      Hi Colin,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The camera modules are set to factory settings (i.e we don’t software define any specific values), however your module may be extra sensitive. We can therefore change a value in the code. Look for this line in the script and modify the -t value to 2000 to give it more time to settle. There was a conversation about this here.

      # Using the raspistill library to take a photo. You can show that a photo has been taken in a small preview box on the desktop by changing --nopreview to --preview
      cmd = 'raspistill -t 300 -w 1920 -h 1440 --nopreview -o ' + photo
      print 'cmd ' +cmd

      Let us know if you need any further assistance. An M6 screw fits the thread on the base. Here’s a quick reference link –

      Kind regards,


  9. Erwin says:


    My Pi won’t start anymore after I charged the battery. The battery light after charging is green, but when I flip the switch on the LiPo Rider to on, nothing happens.
    When I connect a power to the LiPo board and don’t remove the little USB cable between LiPo and Raspberry, it boots. So it’s nog the USB cable.
    Is there easy way to check if the batteries are good?

    • Erwin says:

      Checked the battery and it provides a solid 4.14V So what can cause the Pi won’t boot?

      • Erwin says:

        After disconnecting the LiPo board completely and reconnecting, the Pi now show a (blinking) green LED, no red LED. The battery seems charged, how is this possible?

        • Naturebytes says:

          Hi Erwin,

          Thanks for troubleshooting the issue. From what you have described, the LiPo Rider is at fault (most likely the IC has failed). Can you drop an email and we’ll get in touch to solve the issue for you.

          Kind regards,


  10. Jack says:

    Hi Naturebytes.

    My grandson and I have just assembled our kit and tested it. Working well.
    A couple of quick questions:

    Can I fit an exterior switch to turn camera on and off without opening the case? I was thinking of putting it in the battery to Lipo rider lead.

    Can I swap the camera module for a raspberry pi NoIR module to take night time photos in conjunction with an IR illuminator, or will the illuminator trigger the PIR sensor?


    • Naturebytes says:

      Hi Jack,

      Many thanks for getting in touch. Apologies that we didn’t spot your comment earlier. We have a prototype IR illuminator in the works, so you may be interested in using this together with a PiNOIR. If you use a standard IR illuminator you will still be able to take photos. Our unit waits for a trigger and then powers on the IR unit for a second or so whilst the photo is taken.

      I’ll email you instructions to add a switch too. We did use one in the first version of the kit but removed it due to an hardware issue.

      Kind regards,


      • istes says:

        Hi Naturebytes, I am also interested to the IR illuminator setup, can you please send me some instructions or infos about your project?
        I’ve just assembled a simple unit using components I already had at home and your software, it works well but only at daylight.

        • Naturebytes says:

          Hi Istes,

          Thanks for getting in touch. We’re currently trialing a number of different IR LEDs to determine which configuration offers the best illumination, but also optimal power. Are you using a stand alone IR illuminator (i.e usually designed for security cameras) together with the PiNOIR camera?

          Kind regards,


          • istes says:

            Thank you for the reply, I’m using a Raspberry Pi Model A + Pi-Camera v1.3. At the moment I don’t have the Pi-Noir and any IR illuminator so I’m wondering which is the best solution, buy something or an homemade IR. I don’t know if i need to change the camera to the pi-noir version or even Pi-Camera can works.

          • I have just bought the wildlife camera kit and would like to take photos of our night-time visitors – hedgehogs! Can you send info about any additional kit that would be required to take pictures after dark. Does the PiNOIR camera work without IR transmitters?

          • Naturebytes says:

            Hi Keith,

            You can certainly switch the camera for a PiNOIR, but you’ll need to provide a seperate IR light source to illuminate the scene where you hope to capture photos of the hedgehogs. There are various stand alone IR lights available. We do have an add-on in development that will fit to the top of the kit to add IR but we don’t have a release date for that just yet.

            Take a look at Joanna Turner’s tweet below as she is using the kit with a stand alone IR source to capture badgers, hedgehogs and oven otters here in the UK. She may be able to share her setup with you.


            Kind regards,


  11. Paul says:

    Is it possible to purchase just the case (along with lens covers etc.) rather than the whole kit as I’ve have spare raspberry pi’s / camera’s etc. at home?

    I know I can 3D-print the actual case, but where can I purchase (i.e. the POLY IR sheet)?



    • Naturebytes says:

      Hi Paul,

      We are in discussions with suppliers at the moment to do this, but at the moment it is only available as the complete kit at The Pi Hut. How many are you interested in?

      Where are you based so that we can advise a bit more specifically on materials for 3D printing? We use POLY IR 2 from Fresnal Technologies ( Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

      Kind regards

  12. Ash says:

    Hi Naturebytes,
    My son and I have been discussing the possibility of incorporating capability that would enable the camera unit to send images via text, or send a notification text when photos are taken.

    Is this something you’ve experimented with?


    • Naturebytes says:

      Hi Ash,

      It can definitely be done, but we don’t have any guidance. There are quite a few guides online about what hardware and code is needed.

      Kind regards

  13. Firdosh says:

    Hi, Will the updated software version work on the pi 3B?

  14. Pat McCarthy says:

    I recently tried to purchase the Naturebytes kit from the PiHut shop and I was told they were out of stock. Any idea when they will be available again?

    • Naturebytes says:

      Hi Pat,

      I just checked online and it appears they are still in stock. Which country are you tying to buy from? If you have more trouble let us know and we can follow up.


  15. artur says:

    Hi there.
    Thanks for the great kit. Asembly manual is briliant, unfortunatelly there is not enogh information about software. I bought and built my kit nearly a year ago. It has not worked. I’ve checked few times all connecting – everything was Ok but still no pictures.
    I’ve put away the camera for months untill last week. I’ve decided to fix it. First I pluged the SMD card to a working RaspberyPi board. And suprise – on card was NOOBS. Then i went to Naturebytes page to read everything about software installed into the kit. Finaly I found and installed proper software for kit and camera is working fine. May conclusion: You should put more information about script and software installed on Camera Kit. There is lack of “Support” page on Naturebyte with easy access. The movie on YouTube is great but you should provide an easy- writen step by step testing procedure.
    It was great exercise for me to fix it. I’m not an IT engeneer. Many thanks for great kit. Best regards Artur Ferenc

  16. Naturebytes says:

    Hi Artur,

    Many thanks for the feedback. We agree and believe a support forum should be established to help users and to also post a much more comprehensive FAQ / guidance page.

    We hope to update the support video on YouTube too as it was created the first version of the kit and there have been a few software tweaks since.

    All the best,


  17. Chris Brewer says:


    I think I may have corrupted my img file on the supplied micro SD card.

    Is there anywhere from where I can download the latest img file?

    In a reply to a query on 19 June 2017 ( it was indicated that the download was at

    but this link appears no longer to be extant.

    Thanks, Chris Brewer

    • Naturebytes says:

      Hi Chris,

      The link above is valid and works for us. Do you want to try again downloading the zip file? It may be your local computer blocking the file type as it’s a zip.

      Kind regards,


  18. Hylke Foeken says:

    Hello Naturebytes,

    Thank you for this great kit! Is there an STL available for the Birdfeeder Arm?

    Kind regards

  19. Greg Moore says:

    Can you suggest how audio capture might be added along with the video?

    Thanks, Greg

  20. Jesus says:

    Hello to the whole team:
    While I’m waiting for Santa Claus for the box of naturebytes, I’m studying how the system works. That’s why I have two questions:
    Can I use the files in the following link ?:
    If yes, what would be the correct procedure to load it in the latest V2.2 version of Christmas that I have installed?

    My congratulations for this project and
    Thanks in advance

    Jesus Serrano

    • Erick Truter says:

      Yeah, I’m struggling to get the Pi 3A+ to work with the image from 2016. The latest version of stretch works fine. I managed to figure out setting up the scripts via the Github page. I’m happy to share the instructions.

      • Naturebytes says:

        Hi Erick,

        Apologies for the late reply, your comment was in our spam folder and we didn’t spot it. There is a Pi3 release on the resources page that we have added to help solve this issue.

        Kind regards,


    • Jesus says:

      I find it unserious, waiting for an answer so long. I am very disappointed and I begin to regret having bought the NatureBytes box. My question was very simple, your answer is very void.

      Jesus Serrano

  21. Greg says:

    Hello Naturebytes,

    My camera is set up indoors flawlessly streaming video while I work on getting everything sorted out the way I’d like. Is there information somewhere that would help me save the video on my desktop computer (Linux box) on a dedicated drive that would simply overwrite itself when full? My computer skills are weaker than I’d like so just getting this far is rewarding. Thanks for making this great software available!


    • Naturebytes says:


      Apologies for the late reply, out anti-spam plugin had placed your comment in spam and we didn’t see it. We would recommend using the Live View image that is on our resources page. This will let you save and download videos without any further coding, otherwise a custom edit to the location in the script when connected over ethernet to a local NAS box on your home network would do the trick too.

  22. Paul Bennett says:

    Hi all. I just bought a case from PiHut, but it’s missing what is presumably a rubber bung for the hole in the back. It’s not going to be very waterproof if the case has a huge opening. Any idea how I can resolve this?


  23. Hi
    Have you finished the mods to allow switching of the external pir ?



  24. Erwin says:

    How long does the battery in the RTC last? It looks like the battery in my RTC is drained, since it does not remember time after I set it. This battery is not replaceable (soldered tot the board) is it?

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