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At Naturebytes, our goal is to make the latest wildlife technologies accessible for everyone to reconnect with nature and protect their local wildlife.

We are a community of conservation, education and technology experts combining our skills to create the next generation of conservationists and protect our planet.

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Naturebytes is a community that creates and uses technology to reconnect people with wildlife in new and exciting ways.


We have built activities and materials specifically designed for educators of all abilities…


With Naturebytes, everyone can help wildlife. Join a new generation of conservationists.

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We take the best wildlife technology and make it accessible for all.


We have created a range of build-it-yourself, smart wildlife technology for everyone.

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Inspiring Environmental Enthusiasm in Climate Catastrophe

Amidst images of the world burning and flooding at the same time, here’s a small message of hope - a glimpse of new programmes from the last six months, working with young people to foster a love for nature and empower them to face their climate and education...

Wildlife Cam Kits in ‘first of its kind’ Masters degree at UCL

Wildlife Cam Kits in ‘first of its kind’ Masters degree at UCL

Wildlife Cam Kits in ‘first of its kind’ Masters degree at UCL  The Wildlife Cam Kit has a new role - training the next generation of environmental professionals at University College London. UCL, a global leader in conservation and environmental science,  has...

Transforming Libraries into Climate Action Hubs

Transforming Libraries into Climate Action HubsA new naturebytes initiative is creating a conservation technology and climate education hub to provide next-gen STEM skills to local communities. We are helping to modernise libraries by providing a series of tools,...

Naturebytes have made the best Raspberry Pi camera we’ve come across.

- Raspberry Pi Foundation

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