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Naturebytes are a network of technical experts who develop and lead partnerships worldwide to provide best-in-class conservation solutions. We leverage our unique expertise in the development and application of new conservation technologies, community engagement and programme delivery to address the greatest environmental conservation challenges.

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Citizen Science


We lead a national conservation and education partnership with Google, the Natural Science Museum of Belgium, and 100’s of NGOs and schools to monitor, manage and protect key bird species across the country.

We designed, developed, and manufactured smart nest boxes, sampling protocols, and supporting materials that allowed people across Belgium to view and manage their nest boxes throughout the breeding cycle. 10,000’s people participated each year, reporting bird species IDs, nest building, egg-laying, hatching, and fledging. Monitoring data and images were shared amongst the community and analysed by scientists. Trained experts from the Belgium ringing network also visited nestboxes to ring the chicks and monitor their movement and distribution across Europe.

The project has created a vast, diverse and well-distributed network of people working together to generate important data to study and protect their wildlife.


Species Surveys

Urban Mammal Monitoring

To learn more about urban populations of hedgehogs and badgers the London Wildlife Trust deployed several Naturebytes Wildlife Cams across London.
Badgers and hedgehogs are two of the UK’s quintessential and important mammals but their survival is under great pressure in urban environments.
Our cameras discovered new populations and key breeding sites for the different species. These sites can now be protected and carefully managed as a result of this non-intrusive monitoring. 

Satellite Technology


Kenya has lost 68% of its wildlife in the last 40 years. The Sat4Wildlife project, funded through the UK Space Agencies International Partnership Programme, is harnessing satellite-enabled technologies and building infrastructure to support collaboration between conservationists and technology experts to help halt the loss of Kenya’s biodiversity, reduce degradation of habitats and conserve local livelihoods which depend on them. 
This global collaboration of organisations aims to create an online platform and marketplace which will bring together technology providers and conservationists to create an ecosystem of accessible and effective tools for conservation. For example, the development of an open-source, land-based animal tracking system to mitigate Human-Wildlife conflict.

Climate Action

Davos Climate Action Lab

Climate Action Lab Network

The Climate Action Lab Network, created in partnership with U Can 2 and Salesforce, trains young people with a combination of STEM skills, entrepreneurship and new conservation technologies to identify and tackle the real-world environmental challenges most important to them. 

Climate Actions Labs have been founded by youth groups in Switzerland, India, Japan and USA, creating a network of the next generation of conservationists focussed on delivering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in their countries.

Examples of the community-led climate action successes include; bird bioacoustic surveys, elephant camera trapping and the air quality monitoring campaigns that have collected, analysed and shared data to successfully lobby and implement council ban for air pollutants. 

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