My kit doesn’t turn on

The power light on the Raspberry Pi should indicate that your kit is working. You will see it blink red and green when you turn it on by flicking the switch on the LiPo rider. Refer to the “Switching on my kit” section in the Assembly Guide for more help turning on your kit.

If you don’t see any activity lights on the Raspberry Pi when you turn the kit on we suggest checking that the battery is charged. Follow the steps in the “Charging your kit” section of the manual to make sure the battery has been charged.

If there is still an issue, check that your Raspberry Pi works by plugging it into the mains by using a standard microUSB phone charger. If you find that the red activity LED is on and remains solid, but the green activity light is not not on, then you may have an issue with your SD card and the Raspberry Pi cannot boot up correctly. We recommend formatting the SD card and writing the operating system to the SD card again to rectify this problem. Please get in touch with us for more assistance and instructions to do this.

If there is still no LED activity on the Raspberry Pi please contact us for more assistance.

The kit turns on but there are no images on my removable USB drive when i plug it into my computer

Check that the PIR sensor wires are connected to the correct pins on the Rapsberry Pi. Refer to the assembly guide to check that your PIR wires are correctly positioned.

Next, make sure the camera ribbon is plugged into the Raspberry Pi and confirm that it has not come loose. Additionally, make sure the camera ribbon is the right way around. See the “Connecting my Camera” section in the Assembly Guide.

If you plug an HDMI cable, keyboard and mouse (you’ll need a USB hub to add more than one USB device to your kit) then you can check that the PIR and the camera are both working by using the troubleshooting programmes we’ve created on the desktop. Take a look at the “Using my Kit” computer section of the Assembly Guide to see how.

How long should the kit last?

The kit will last 3 – 4 days when fully charged and with little activity (it doesn’t take too many photos).

On average, if you take 1500 photos it will last just over 2 days before needing to be re-charged.

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