Elephants as seen by the Wildlife Cam Kit with thermal sensor

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October 27, 2022

Wildlife Cam Kits in ‘first of its kind’ Masters degree at UCL  

The Wildlife Cam Kit has a new role – training the next generation of environmental professionals at University College London.
Elephants as seen by the Wildlife Cam Kit with thermal sensor

UCL, a global leader in conservation and environmental science,  has launched a new MSc Ecology and Data Science, lead by Prof. Kate Jones. Post-graduate students will get hands-on experience of building DIY technology to address todays most pressing ecological and environmental issues. 

From satellites providing environmental information from space, to artificial intelligence analysing data, new technologies and sensors continue to play an increasingly crucial role in natural sciences.

However, the rate of development of technology and its potential for natural sciences has far outpaced the sectors’ capacity to train people in its application and the analysis of data that new technology provides.

One of the main drivers behind the creation of the naturebytes Wildlife Cam was to help address the skills gap in conservation by making DIY sensors and their application to the environment more accessible. The Wildlife Cam is being used in primary and secondary education as well as by conservationists, however (as far as we know) it has yet to be integrated as part of a degree course, until now! We are delighted to have been selected to play a part in the course and we hope the students have a lot of fun along the way too.

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