Written by Steve Mowat

March 1, 2017

Hi Everyone,

We’ve been working behind the scenes to develop an improved online community experience for you. You’ll have noticed that you can upload your photos to the website, select a location and record your sightings, but until today you couldn’t view uploads from across the community.

Take a look at the new community map (once logged in) and you’ll discover that you can now view uploads from other users and search for sites local to you by specifying the number miles away from any given location. Click the map icons and you’ll also get a snapshot of the user’s featured photo and a glimpse of their location / site.

To help you manage your uploads we have also improved our menu system (this was the yellow bar that shows when you log in). You’ll now find a range of quick options on your profile page to help you easily upload, manage and share your experiences using the Naturebytes Wildlife Cam Kit.

Excitingly, we’re also gearing up to launch our first Naturebytes challenge where the entire community can work together to help identify species in unison so help answer conservation questions. This is a perfect time to get your kits outside and reconnect with wildlife.

Check it out, we think you’ll like the changes.


Co-founder, Naturebytes.

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