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March 1, 2016

Ingress protection certification allows the rating of the level of protection against liquids and solid particles. We wanted to officially test and certify our case to ensure that the kit is fit for purpose. For the Wildlife Cam Kit, this means it is able to protect the electronics from the weather.

We sent our cases to be tested under conditions for IP 55, that means the case can protect against dust and water jets from all directions (see wikipedia for more info on IP ratings). Our kits passed with flying colours! Although some ingress of water and dust is permitted, our cases showed no signs of ingress so we think they could withstand even more. Check out the vids and images from the testing so you can see how the case was put through its paces.

Now the case is up to scratch, the final pieces can be put in place for the production of case.

We will be chatting with our tool makers and injection moulders over the next few days to finalise the processes. So, fingers crossed, we should be able to ship all your rewards to you within the next two weeks.

More updates coming soon and we’ll let you know as soon as we have a confirmed shipping date.


After the dust test – the moment of truth

The Naturebytes Team


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