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May 31, 2015

It’s already raised a few questions as to whether their HAT (fits on top of your Pi) will fit / work with the Naturebytes cam? It sure will – infact, we thought this may happen from the start and opted to make the internal component holder inside the Naturebytes camera case a laser cut insert so it’s easy to make your own changes to fit certain parts, or to get a custom version from us to fit a popular setup or a new component that hasn’t even been created yet.


It’s not just the Pi Supply PoE that’s your only option either. The MoPi is also a great contender if you’re looking to use your own rechargable batteries (instead of the LiPo ones we’ll be providing) or want to use a 12v external battery or a solar panel that you may have from another project.

Based on your garden and distance to a power source, you could either run an Ethernet cable to the camera and use the Pi Supply PoE or you could use a MoPi and a suitable battery to keep the camera powered for longer if you so wished. If it’s solar you’re after then we do plan to have a solar add on kit available in the future to help you run the camera for longer and away from traditional power sources. That means you can place the camera where you’d like / in a truly remote location. Infact, with the MoPi you could turn the camera on at certain times of day and then off again at night to conserve power for example as it has a real time clock embedded – an extra bonus!

We’re going to make it as easy as possible for anyone wanting to add new power sources by uploading instructions and how-to guides to the website, so have a think about how you may want to power your Naturebytes camera and let us know if there’s a setup or component you think others should use for the job.

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