Written by Steve Mowat

August 17, 2020

– Orcas itching a scratch – you might have seen how bears scratch themselves with a shimmy on their favourite tree, but what do you do when you live underwater, have no hands and nothing but a sea of pebbles – see how Orcas deal with it on this underwater cam. Do they even get itches or is it more of a massage? Check it out and decide for yourself.
speaking of bears…

– Transylvanian bears – a necessity during times of worry and strife. Check in on these amazing animals living their lives day and night in Romania and catch sightings of other incredible wild forest animals – we’ve seen deer, wolves, foxes and others.

– DRC Gorillas – no, that’s not your reflection in the computer screen, that’s a Gorilla in the Democratic Republic of Congo picking its nose live on camera. It’s like reality TV but with more sophisticated animals. Loads of cameras mean you’ll be treated to fascinating behaviours and captivating close-ups. Just be careful you don’t watch it long enough that you start talking to them as if they’re your family.

If you want to make your own wildlife documentaries you can get started with a a naturebytes camera here.

Let us know what you think of the channels and if you have any other favourites.


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