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February 23, 2017

We’ve teamed up with The Natural Science Museum of Belgium, with funding from Google.org, to create the Naturebytes smart NestBox national school project. The Naturebytes NestBoxes are creating a network of young people all learning digital skills to become citizen scientists and monitor key bird species. It’s the internet of things for wildlife!

The Naturebytes NestBox includes a Raspberry Pi computer and infra-red camera to covertly live-stream and photograph from inside the nest-boxes and capture key information such as: which species are nesting, how many eggs are laid and how many chicks survive to grow up and leave the nest.

Check out the video below of a Great tit feeding it’s chicks in a Naturebytes NestBox and find out more on the Xperibird project page.

Right now, we’re lining up the expansion of this project into different regions so if you would like to partner with us or get involved in this exciting project, we’d love to hear from you.


Co-founder, Naturebytes


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  1. Kate MacRae (WildlifeKate)

    I would be very interested to work with you on this project……

    • Naturebytes

      Many thanks Kate. We’ll get in touch shortly to explore a few ideas.

      Kind regards,


  2. John Precious

    I would be very interested in being involved.
    Our local bird and wildlife groups undertake manual surveys of approximately 100 nestboxes in woodlands.

    Would be interested to know how we may use Raspberry Pi kits for new and existing boxes.
    Kind regards,

    • Naturebytes

      Hi John,

      We’d love to help you out with that.

      We’ll send you an email with solutions for camera nest boxes to get a project up and running.

      The Naturebytes Team

  3. Craig Johnson

    Yes… this is wonderful.

    We are working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Schools in the USA to transform their asphalt schoolyards into wildlife habitats. We have installed bird houses, bird feeders, bat houses, butterfly houses, weather stations. Your nest box and cameras are perfect for our Environmental Literacy Programs. and student projects.

    We have funding.

    What are next steps?

  4. Rob Longstaff

    Hi, our Cub Scouts in Northumberland, England will be making bird feeders and bird boxes in the new year as part of their learning about nature, birds and habitats, DIY and would like to add digital skills to that

    We would be interested in finding out how to use the Raspberry Pi kit in the bird boxs and hopefully working with you to expand this project.

    Let me know if that is possible and next steps please



    • Naturebytes

      Hi Rob,

      Great to hear about your project.

      We’ve sent you an email with an details of the project so please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you!

  5. Julie


    I am a Primary School Teacher in Berkshire, England and run Forest School sessions at school.

    We have been learning about the range of animals living in woodlands and have been making bird feeders. We are investigating how to make bird boxes, bug habitats and bat boxes – in the hope to make some soon.

    We would be interested in finding out how to use the Raspberry Pi kit in these boxes.


    • Naturebytes

      Hi Julie,

      That’s fantastic. Would you like to email info@naturebytes.org and we’ll get in touch with you directly about the options you have?

      Kind regards,



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