Do you know what this bird species is?

Written by Naturebytes

February 7, 2015

Below are just a few of the avian species Jon was able to capture during the trial of the wildlife camera kit. We’re thrilled to report that the tuning of the PIR sensor and speed of capture looks to be just about right and the photo quality @ 720 x 480 means it’s easy to spot what has flown by in these examples below. You can set the quality to be higher, but we wanted to see what we’d get with an average picture size.

Do you know what this bird species is?

Do you know what this bird species is? Answers in the comments

We haven’t modified the lens in the shots below (as it’s possible to change the depth of field by screwing the lens out / in on the standard Raspberry Pi camera module) so you’re looking at shots a little over 50cm away from the camera in these examples. Jon has come up with a lovely little 3D printed tool to actually make life easy when wanting to alter the camera’s depth, so stay tuned for a look at that in the near future. For now, see if you can identify the species in these photos below by posting in the comments and we’ll let you know if you got them right.




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  1. Jason Alexander - Wildlife Gadget Man

    Lovely shots of Goldfinches, a Robin, Blackbird, what looks like a blurry Coal Tit and a Nuthatch!

    I’m very excited about this project and would love to get more involved!

  2. Patrick

    The blurry bird could as well be a Marsh Tit or a Willow Tit.

    • Leo Fidler

      Yes, not a coal tit, we think it’s a marsh tit, but it is very difficult to tell the difference between that and a willow tit. In the old days they thought there was only one type of these birds my nana says!


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