Wildlife Cam Kit

Dear Community,

Congratulations on receiving your kit. Over the next 24 hours we’ll be updating and releasing content on the Naturebytes website.

You can continue to test your Wildlife Cam Kit and watch our video guide here.

If you need support you’re welcome to email us directly at info@naturebytes.org or leave a comment on this page for other users to see / offer support if you need advice or guidance building your Wildlife Cam Kits.

Good luck, we’re excited to see the first photos from across the globe appear in shortly! Please email them to us so we can post them.

The Naturebytes Team


UPDATE 23:46, 15/05/16

We have now published the testing and configuration video guide and provided a few helpful tips to aid users who are using the Raspberry Pi A+ and would like to improve the desktop experience.


UPDATE 19:30, 14/05/16

It has been fantastic to see the photos you have been taking, and for those still waiting for their kits / international orders – we can’t wait for you to join us. The website itself will start to show the functionality that you all expect (forum, instant messaging etc..) including the Journal as noted on the desktop’s software.

We have found one bug, that luckily only applies to the A+ Raspberry Pi when in desktop mode. Triggering the camera when on the desktop can cause the CPU to max out at 100%, which it may not recoverer from it appears. However, using the camera when not in desktop mode (i.e it’s installed in the garden doing its job) works perfectly fine, and on other Pi’s such as the B+ the issue is not seen on the desktop so we are investigating this. There are a few software fixes that we can suggest you apply after a little investigating, but it may be a power issue related to the A+ as providing more power via a mains charger can remove the CPU lock when on the desktop we discovered earlier today. We’ll report back shortly with our recommendation to resolve that issue.

In the meantime, get your cameras charger and outdoors and show us what you’ve spotted!

All the best,