Naturebytes Creative Studios

We collaborate with the world leading conservation, technology and education organisations to bring innovative and high impact solutions.

Our team of designers, engineers, scientists and education experts use creative approaches to across to design and deliver innovative programmes across digital and physical ecosystems.

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Featured Projects:


Naturebytes lead a partnership with Microsoft and WWF to develop game-based learning as a medium to deliver our newly created biodiversity and sustainability curriculum.

Our Minecraft world and education activities are a new and engaging approach for everyone to learn what biodiversity is, what means to us and what we can do to protect its future.



Naturebytes designed and created the world first (probably) life-size 3D printed angel shark called Angwen.

We worked with the Zoological Society of London to design the critically endangered shark for a citizen science project. Angwen was used to educate the public and in workshops for fishers to learn how to humanely handle and tag sharks to monitor and protect the little know population off the coast of Wales, UK.