Educational Materials

This pack assists teachers or educators when building a Naturebytes Wildlife Cam Kit and offers interesting and exciting activities for digital making and exploring nature.

Download the complete pack or scroll down for individual guides and resources.

Wildlife Cam Kit Assembly Guide
The latest guide for assembling the Wildlife Cam Kit

Educator Guide
Educator guide for workshops and schools. Includes activity steps, objectives and outcomes.

Classroom Activity Document – printer/edit friendly
Simplified educator guide with activities – an Editable/printer friendly as a word document.

Classroom slides
Simple slides for introducing a class to how a Wildlife Cam functions.

All Digital Maker Resources
The complete collection of resources for the Naturebytes Wildlife Cam Kit – find operating software, guides and 3D STL files.

YouTube guides
Assembly and troubleshooting video guides

Issue resolution and troubleshooting


We appreciate all feedback and we rely on our community to help make the Naturebytes experience as great as it possibly can be.

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“The teaching of computer science and STEM is taking more and more importance in our education system. This project, educational, inspirational and above all fun. It is ideal for developing digital skills and attracting interest from future scientists and teachers.”

Matt Brittin, President of Google Europe in relation to the Xperibird / Naturebytes project