• myphotolighter posted an update 4 weeks ago

    To Print Your Photos on the Lighter Side, you will need to have a few items. First, you will need to be able to find a nice light sensitive printer that will take print pictures and transfer them to paper. The best printers have a high end resolution. If you can afford it, there are also the ones that have LCD screens with a backlight option. This will make sure you get an even brighter result. Also, if you don’t have a printer with this feature then you will need to find one of these printers.

    Secondly, you will need to take a photo file that is the right size for the printer you plan to use. For this, you can use a program that can convert the file into a single page format. You then cut out a page or section of a page. There is no need to waste the material as they are easy to use. Then just place them in the appropriate areas on the light sensitive paper.

    After you are done printing out all the photos you want to put on the lighter side, you can then take them out and combine them with others for the picture. You can do this by using your printer again and setting up new paper. Most printers come with templates to create whatever you want. It is very easy to print your photo’s on the lighter side because you can control everything from start to finish.

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