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    Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzle
    Custom photo jigsaw puzzles come in all sizes and colors so that anyone can easily find one that suits their interests. The two main varieties of these types of puzzles are the original and the scaled down version.

    The original version comes with two sides, the larger one is the side where the name is located. The smaller side has a picture or design that may be similar to the person’s favorite. This gives the person a chance to doodle on the picture and not feel as if they are at a loss when trying to remember their favorite place or action.

    The scaled down version is more of a professional and less of a personal item. It only has one side of the picture with a design or picture that fits with the person’s interest. This is a great way to take the personalization factor out of the picture without the frustration of trying to piece together the pieces.

    The person can purchase these puzzles in sets that include two pieces, a few extra pieces, and a number of different designs. This allows the person to find a design that will be right for them without having to worry about purchasing each piece individually. This also means that the person will only have to purchase one item to complete their puzzle.

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