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    3d moon lamp
    The 3D moon lamp is a device that is specially made in order to stand for an actual scientific concept. The concept of moon lamp is a product of scientists that wanted to show how moon rocks are formed and how moon dust is produced during the process. The process of creating this device is made by using a laser projector to create a shape on the screen of the device.

    Through the process of the device, it will be able to reproduce different shapes of the moon. By making various shapes, they will be able to study the process of moon formation. This process is done in order to produce different kinds of rocks that are used for minerals processing. In this way, these scientists can confirm the process of moon formation.

    These rocks are produced in different sizes, textures, and textures. Through the creation of the device, it will be possible to reproduce different sizes and textures of rocks and their texture. It is because of this that the concept of the device will be more useful than the idea of the moon. This is because the scientists and researchers will be able to use this device to research the moon and the creation of moon rocks.
    3D Moon Lamp

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