Birdfeeder in the garden

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Various birds (mostly fruit eaters) spotted at our birdfeeder or in the birdbath

My Photos

Title: Crested Barbet
Description: Crested Barbet eating strawberries
Date: 26/06/2016
Scientific name: Trachyphonus vaillantii
Scientific name: Crested Barbet
Species group: Bird
Title: Blackeyed Bulbul
Date: 22/08/2016
Scientific name: Pycnonotus barbatus
Scientific name: Black eyed Bulbul
Species group: Bird
Title: Laughing Dove flying away
Description: Laughing Dove
Date: 19/06/2016
Scientific name: Spilopelia senegalensis
Scientific name: Laughing Dove
Species group: Bird
Title: Cape Robin-chat investigating
Description: Cape Robin-chat
Date: 22/08/2016
Scientific name: Cossypha caffra
Scientific name: Cape robin-chat
Species group: Bird
Title: Mousebirds eating fruit
Date: 21/08/2016
Scientific name: Unknown
Scientific name: Mousebird
Species group: Bird


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